Best places to work in Dubai as a freelancer

Running a business by myself makes me feel lonely sometimes, especially because I work from home and part of my customers are not from Dubai. So I like to go out some days of the week and work from another place. I’m exploring different work places all across Dubai and will share my best experiences in this blog. So keep visiting regularly for updates on new gems in this town.

My score is based on the following criteria:

  • Good cappuccino; good flavour, not too milky, not burned, with good foam and maybe even a little cookie on the side.
  • Good wifi; easy to connect, fast and without disruptions.
  • A nice environment; fresh, inspiring, easy on the eyes.
  • Comfortable workspace; clean, enough room on the table, comfortable chairs, ergonomically justified, good temperature without an ac blowing in your neck.
  • Friendly staff; not too pushy, not minding that you sit there all morning, helpful and pro-active.
Mitts and trays

Mitts & Trays - Bluewaters

I love coming to this tasteful decorated restaurant which is overlooking the world’s largest ferris wheel. It’s very friendly staff is at your service, the pastries and lunch items are amazing and so is ambiance. The Bluewaters environment makes you feel like you are on holiday, even when you are behind your laptop. There are enough tables (with power) to sit and work. When it’s not too hot, you can have your lunch on the terrace outside. Or you could even take a stroll towards the boulevard to look out over the water.

One life Kitchen and Café – Dubai Design District

I would say this café is made for freelancers, well at least the top floor is. You can sit there in the spacious designed area and work all day. It’s also a good place to meet with others or get inspired by fellow entrepreneurs and the vibe of Dubai Design District. They have good coffee (with a date on the side), good food, water for free and very helpful staff. The waiter even adjusted the AC for me and made pictures of the food to choose from so that I didn’t have to leave my workplace. Everything is great about this place, and that is also why you have to be there early because soon all the best places to sit are taken.

One life cafe
vida emirates hills

Vida – Emirates Hills

When you are working at Vida, you will experience a very relaxed atmosphere, with a modern interior, soft lounge music and enough space to work quietly. The tables are big enough for one or two people to sit and work. On top of that they have a beautiful outside area overlooking the golf course and skyline of Dubai. The staff (when you get a hold of them) are very friendly and the coffee and teas are delicious. You will even get a free croissant when you are with LetsWork*! If you go to Vida, bring a cardigan because it’s cold inside.  

Le Pain Quotidien – Springs Souk

I regularly work at Le Pain Quotidien because it is close to my home. They have nice coffee and very attentive staff and the wifi works perfectly. I always sit in the enclosed benches, where I can work quietly without the noise of other (non-working) customers. It’s a comfortable place and the environment gives me a real coffee house feeling.

Le pain quotidien
social house

Social House – Dubai Mall

Often on Wednesdays you can find me at Social House in the Dubai Mall. The coffee is good, the wifi is good, but the staff isn’t great. However, this is the place where Ladies Working Together meet up every week. LWT is a platform for women who do not have a regular office space. They meet and work together in co-working meetups. There are also workshops organized by the members on a regular basis. No need for any registration, just walk-in and stay for as long as you want. Go and give it a try!

That’s it for now, but I keep discovering new places so this blog will be updated regularly. Do you know any great places to work as a freelancer that are not in this list? Please share! I would love to explore new venues. Who knows, maybe I’ll see you there sometime! If you recognize me, don’t hesitate to come up and have a chat 😊

*Have you heard of LetsWork yet? It gives you access to over 40 co-working spaces, hotels, cafés and warehouses across the UAE and all with a single membership. The membership itself is free, and you pay 40 AED per visit (or less if you buy packages) to get unlimited coffee (yes, cappuccino too), tea, water and 20% discount on food.