3 ways to improve your online presence while working from home

Thinking how to improve online presence

How are things going with your business now that the whole world seems to be in self-isolation?

Are you sitting behind your desk at home, thinking of what you can do to keep your business up and running?

Improving your online presence is something that can help. And now is a great time to start working on that!

I've summed up 3 ways to improve your online presence.

You can easily work on these 3 ways to improve your online presence behind your desk at home. It will help you to stay connected with your customers and, at the same time, improve your SEO. Especially now, people should be able to easily find you online. 

1. Update your website

When is the last time you have had a good look at your website? Spend some time to get things right. 

Site structure

First of all, explore your site structure. Is it still working out well for your visitors? Meaning, can they easily navigate through your website and find the relevant content that they are looking for? Starting with your home page, it should make sense to how you are guiding your visitors through the website. Test it yourself and let some friends (or even better; customers) try it out too. Improve where you can to get the best online customer journey for your visitors. Read more about How to set up your website structure in one of my other blogs. 

test your site structure

Evaluate your texts and images

Secondly, evaluate your texts and images. Are all the texts you have put on your website still relevant and up to date? The same goes for the images. Maybe it is nice to update some of your images or add some new ones. Make sure you give the images a name and alt text that suits the topic of your content.

The technical stuff

Thirdly, the less sexy, but definitely not less important part of your site: the technical stuff. To start with some quick wins.

o   Stay on top of all your necessary updates. Keep updating your site on a regular basis to prevent it from getting slow or even break down.

o   Then, install a plugin that can help you with the SEO of your pages and posts. A great help can be the Yoast SEO plugin. This plugin tells you exactly what you can do to improve the SEO of each of your pages and posts.

o   Improve the size of your images: make them small so that they load fast, but not too small to maintain the quality.

o   Check your site speed, for example with Google pagespeed insights. Here you can test your site speed and immediately get tips for improvement.

2. Create new content

Creating new content is key to staying connected with your target group. Additionally, it will help you rank better in Google. If you regularly put new content on your website in the form of blogs, updated schedules, portfolio etc., then it will improve your SEO. Both your customers and Google simply find it more interesting if you have something new to share. Make sure your content is original, relevant to your line of business and of good quality.

Do not only put your content on your website, but also share it on social media. Make sure everyone knows that you have something new and interesting to share!


3. Align your branding

If you try to see your website and social media from a new visitors point of view, what do you see? Is all your communication consistent? And is it clearly representing who you are and what you are trying to offer as a business? If the answer is ‘yes’, then great job! Well done for having a clear branding strategy. If the answer is ‘maybe not entirely’, then there is work to do! Re-create your branding strategy and/or make a guideline for yourself to help you communicate consistently. Don’t know where to start with your branding strategy? Sylvia Kivits is a great expert who can guide you through the process.

So, there you have it! 3 ways to improve your online presence that you can start today! I wish you all the best and if you want to share your thoughts, please email me or reply to this post. And most of all: Stay safe!