Inspiration boosters

inspiration booster

Do you sometimes feel that you have a lack of inspiration? In life, in business, in studies... Could you use a good inspiration booster once in a while?

It can feel awful and it may seem like you will never get a brilliant idea again. But they will always come. Sometimes you just need a push in the right direction.

Here are 5 quick inspiration boosters that can help you get on track again.

Inspiration Booster 1:
Start Mindmapping

Mindmapping is a form of brainstorming that can be very effective inspiration booster. 

Start with a blank sheet of paper and write down your topic in the middle. Then start writing at least 5 ideas around it. Keep iterating on those ideas with at least 8 different key words per idea. Keep trying to think of new ideas, even if you feel like you ran out. Write down the most silly things. Because after the silliness, the most brilliant ideas will follow.

Inspiration Booster 2:
Google is your best friend

Sometimes when I just don’t have any inspiration, I start Googling. I start with a term that has to do with my business, or with something that might interest me. And from there I can loose myself in all the information of the world wide web. It never takes long before I am full of new knowledge, ideas and inspiration.

Inspiration Booster 3:
Use other brainpower

When you are stuck, it usually helps to talk about it with others. Find friends, family members or acquaintances who you can talk to about your inspiration-block. 

What would be even better, is so send out a survey to your target group. Ask them what problems, interests or goals they have. For sure there will be something in the results that will inspire you. Surveymonkey is a very effective tool that helps you with setting up surveys in a blink of an eye. 

Inspiration Booster 4:
Change of environment

Change always helps bringing in new perspectives. And with this booster I mean literally getting into a new perspective: change the place you are working from. I understand now with Covid-19 going on that is harder than usual. But surely you can move to a different room for a day, or even just move your desk to a different place in the room. New physical perspective brings new mental perspectives!  

Inspiration Booster 5:
Change of activities

Just like a change of location, a change of activity can do a lot as well. Stop trying to think of your lack of inspiration and just start doing something else. Go and exercise, connect with people, start drawing, do something else in your area of work. As soon as you start doing other things, your mind will shift focus and the part that was stuck will unlock. A flow of new inspiration will follow. 

A side note to this: with change of activities I do mean something active, and so I would not advise you to binge-watch the newest series on Netflix 😊

Do you have some other inspiration boosters? Please share them with me!