Azure Infra

Azure Infra is a non-profit information platform that is run by Roelf. Aside from his daily job, he has a passion for networking, hardware and Microsoft technologies. On his website he shares information about these topics. Roelf still had an old logo with old name on his site. He wanted a new and fresh look and to use the new name he had chosen: Azure Infra.

Empathize & Define

I started with online research and a personal intake meeting through phone with my client. Roelf had an old logo to start with.

To be incorporated in the logo: the same colour scheme of his old logo (yellow and black), the letters A and I, and a wink to the Azure logo from Microsoft.

No other brand guidelines or typography research was required.

previous logo Azure Infra
Previous logo Azure Infra

Ideate & Prototype

In the ideation phase I’ve made several sketches and options for my client to choose from.

Test & Finalize

My client choose for the option without text. He liked how there was a subtle link to the Microsoft Azure logo.

Azure Infra logo

After some more detailing and iterations I finalized the design. Scroll down for the result. 

The final design

Azure Infra logo