Babs Roubos

Babs' help 2 sleep

Babs Roubos is a certified sleep coach. After she finished her education, she started her own business in sleep coaching, called Babs' help 2 sleep. She helps parents that are having difficulties with their children’s sleeping. Babs asked me to design her logo, website, stationery and brand guidelines.
You can check her website here.

Logo Design

Empathize & Define

I started with online research and a personal intake meeting with my client. Apart from the name (Babs’ help 2 sleep),  Babs did not have anything idea where to start. So she trusted me to guide her through the process. 

To be incorporated in the logo: A color scheme of blue , green and pink she had picked herself.

Ideate & Prototype

In the ideation phase I’ve made several sketches and options for my client to choose from. In the next phase, I did a colour study.

Logo sketches Babs' help 2 sleep
Logo colour study Babs' help 2 sleep

Test & Finalize

My client choose for the Lotus flower, representing balance in life. The stars in the leaves represent the nighttime. Additionally, she felt a connection with flowers because she had been a florist for many years when she lived in The Netherlands.

I chose for a playful font to create a child-friendly appearance.

The final logo designs

Logo design for Babs
Babs' help 2 sleep brand guidelines
Business card back
Babs Roubos business card
Business card front
babs help 2 sleep_word template
Word template

Website Design

Empathize & Define

Together with the logo design I had created brand guidelines to use for Babs’ website. 

Babs’ chose the template of the website herself, with a menu to the left. She created her own content. 

Ideate & Prototype

In the ideation phase I’ve made several options for webpages and site structures. 

Test & Finalize

Babs stayed involved during the entire build of the website. This made it easy to asses and change the structure and content of the website along the way. 

After the website was finished, we had it tested by a couple of users (friends of Babs). According to their feedback I made some changes.

When the website was live, I gave Babs a 1-on-1 tutorial on how to write and change her own content and how to maintain her website. 

The final website designs

Customer Review

“Since I totally didn’t know where to start and what I needed, I was very happy with Marlies. She designed my logo and created my website. She has taught me a lot but she has also listened very carefully to my wishes and designed this in the right way.
Marlies is very creative, precise and determined to continue until everything is right and works perfectly.

It was a pleasure to work together and I definitely recommend her to anyone who is looking for a good logo- and web designer.”