Grandfather Londono

Colombian Exotic Coffee

Colombian Exotic Coffee is business provides raw coffee beans of the highest quality to Asia and The Middle-East. The farmers in Colombia are in the family business for over 100 years are now offer their high quality products to roasters in Dubai and Singapore. I designed their logo and website.

Logo Design

Empathize & Define

I started with online research and a personal intake meeting with my client.

The feelings that the logo should communicate were: 

  • Family history
  • Craftmanship
  • Luxury / high quality
  • Colombia


Colombian Exotic Coffee farm

Ideate & Prototype

In the ideation phase I started with a mindmap and collection of imagery that described the words that were to embody the logo. 

This gave inspiration to start with sketches and concept designs. 

Colombian Exotic Coffee_mindmap
Colombian Exotic Coffee_collage

Test & Finalize

Many logo concepts were proposed (below is a selection) to eventually come to the final design. 

The final logo designs

Colombian Exotic Coffee logo
Colombian Exotic Coffee logo - gold
Colombian Exotic Coffee logo - white
Colombian Exotic Coffee logo - black
Colombian Exotic Coffee brandapplication
Colombian Exotic Coffee - color palette

Website Design

Empathize & Define

Together with the logo design I had created brand guidelines to use for Colombian Exotic Coffee website. 

Ideate & Prototype

In the ideation phase I’ve made several options for webpages and site structures. 

I made a wireframe that was reviewed together with the client. Based on this wireframe and some example websites that the client provided I started to design the website. 

Test & Finalize

After testing, the designs were reviewed by the client. Some colours were changed to the clients preferences. 

A whatsapp option was added to provide customers with an immediate way to contact the customer service. 

The final website designs

Homepage Colombian Exotic Coffee

Customer Review

“Marlies has worked very closely on our website; she has been a pleasure to work with. Marlies is a highly trained professional that knows exactly what she is doing! She created our website and was also there creating emails, social media and most importantly our logo! She was always there when we had any queries or doubts. She knew exactly what we wanted and brought our vision to life. We highly recommend Marlies whether you are a start-up or a fully operating business. She will be able to help you! Thank you!”