Alison Timpson

Enlightened Soul Journey

Enlightened Soul Journey is the creative expression of Alison Timpson, an intuitive, healer and teacher, who wishes to capture the infinite journeying of her own growth in the professional alias for her spritual work.
Alison approached me to ask if I could redo her entire website. On this page you can read about the process to create her website. You can check her brand new website here.

Empathize & Define

After a nice conversation with Alison I started to define the essentials for her website. 

The goal was to design a beautiful and feminine website for Enlightened Soul Journey with a focus on optimal user experience for her customers. They will be able to find information about ESJ (what she does and for who, what her purpose is, who she is etc.).

The design had to be completely in line with her brand identity: the geometry and pastel colours of her logo.

Enlightened Soul Journey - logo

In a later stage it had to be easy add paid products like online classes. 

Ideate & Prototype

In the ideation phase set up the structure of the website. I started with drawings. 

Enlightened Soul Journey site structure

After talking through them with Alison I made the structure online, adding the texts and images that Alison provided. 

Enlightened Soul Journey first setup

Test & Finalize

Happy with the structure, the next focus was the look and feel. The main point of feedback from Alison was that it was still to plain and white. So I added more (water)colour to the website, resulting in a more vibrant and colourful look and feel. 

She also wanted to add and replace some more images and add quotes. Finally, all typo’s were corrected. 

Alison asked several friends and family to test the website and provide feedback. The main feedback was very positive (the purpose of Alisons Enlightened Soul Journey really come across).  

The other feedback was the long load time, so I spend more time on optimizing the webpages in order to improve the site speed. 

The final designs

Responsive website designs
Enlightened Soul Journey
Homepage after scroll down

Customer Review

"Marlies tuned into my vision perfectly, building a beautiful website that perfectly answered the brief. Marlies is very patient and responsive - easy to work with and I’m sooo very happy with the website! - thank you Marlies!"
Alison Timpson
Owner Enligthened Soul Journey