Loesje Kessels

Loesje Kessels Photography

Loesje Kessels is a fashion photograper based in Dubai. I designed and built her website www.loesjekessels.com. I also transferred her CMS from Wix.com to WordPress. This gave more freedom and flexibility to design the site the way whe wanted.

Empathize & Define

I started with and intake meeting with Loesje. She let me know what her requirements were and how Wix was limiting her possibilities. 

We came to the conclusion that it was better to transfer her domain to WordPress and built a completely new website on that CMS platform. 

Ideate & Prototype

Loesjes requirements for her landing page were quite specific, containing a full page (backstretch) video. I explored several options to create this. Additionally, she wanted a specific grid for her photo’s to get the best views. 

Responsiveness these days is a must. Especially with this many important images and special effects, I spent extra time to make it look good on both mobile, tablet and laptop.  

Test & Finalize

Loesje was very happy with the result. We asked several people to test the website and give their feedback. After some small alterations the website was ready to go live. 

As the final step, I explained to Loesje how she should maintain her website and how she can add new portfolio. 

The final designs

Visit the website www.loesjekessels.com

Personal designs
website design for LoesjeKessels

Customer Review

“I highly recommend Marlies Dusseljee. She did my website and I’m very happy with it. And above all, she is great to work with!​”

– Loesje Kessels