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Oganika is a new puzzling game which is easy to learn and hard to master. The game is built on mathematical theory and consists of 36 unique tiles with almost unlimited combinations. The game was launched in July 2019 on the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter.

Activities by Marlies Dusseljee Design: Logo: Detailing of a provided concept Website www.oganika.com: design and development Digital marketing materials: images for social media, digital banners, images for the kickstarter page Packaging a.o.: box, playing cards (4 packs), lay-out poster

Website Design

Visit the website: www.oganika.com

The graphic Designs

graphic designs for Oganika

Customer Review

“I had the privilege to work with Marlies during the launch of our new puzzle game Oganika. She has been instrumental during this project with regards to all marketing aspects but also with regards to keeping the right balance between the creative mind of our developers and translating this to our potential customers. Marlies is someone you can rely on and “does what she says and says what she does”!

If you are looking to hire a professional with regards to graphic design, webdesign and strategic marketing she is definitely the right person to contact!”

– Glenn Verburg, Co-owner Oganika