Thefirefightermom and her daughter

The Fire Fighter Mom

The Fire Fighter Mom is a non-profit organization which is run by Youmna. Her daughter has a rare disease and she decided to share her experiences coping with this disease called Erythromelalgia (the man on fire disease). Continuously she fights to find answers for her daughter’s incurable condition. Meanwhile she also educates people and spreads awareness about coping with rare diseases. She tries to shed a positive light. To do this, she also runs the #redhandchallenge. Her motto is: Fighting a rare disease with a smile. Find her instagram profile here.

Empathize & Define

I started with online research and a personal intake meeting with my client. My client did not have a logo to start with. She used images from #theredhandchallenge for her social media.

To be incorporated in the logo: the red hand, something with firefighting (hose or helmet), a personal touch. Slogan: Fighting a rare disease with a smile. 

Ideate & Prototype

In the ideation phase I’ve made several sketches and options. After some iterations and digital sketching, I selected three options for my client to choose from. Two with a prominent red hand as discussed in the intake meeting. Additionally I made one alternative where a female firefighter is represented. 


Test & Finalize

My client choose for the third option: the real FireFighterMom, strong yet feminine and with her daughters’ handprint on the helmet as a personal touch. 

She wanted to use purple first because that was her daughters favorite colour. After some research and testing with her target group, we decided to use more fire related colours: yellow and red.

I chose a strong font to emphasize the strong women and her cause that the logo represents. 

The final designs

Business card The Fire Fighter Mom - Front
Business card The Fire Fighter Mom - Front
Business card The Fire Fighter Mom - Back
Business card The Fire Fighter Mom - Back
Logo design for TheFireFighterMom